CGUE (Creuset’s MS)
白 U-S235 ZGMF-515 シグー(クルーゼ機)
Name: ZGMF-515 CGUE (Creuset’s MS)
Types: UNIT DNP:
White 2
Color: White TNP: 3
Card No#: U-S235 COST: 2
SET: GW25 Rarity: Booster R
Prelude Starter R
Terrain: [Space][Earth]
宇宙 地球
Stats: [3][1][2]

Special Effect Text:
Combat Deployment Swift Strike

戦闘配備 速攻

Ability Effect Text:
(Battle Phase): 《(0)》 Designate 1 Enemy Unit. If that is the case, this unit gains +X/±0/±0 until End of Turn. The value of X is equal to the designated Unit’s TNP.


CGUE Series MS Exclusive use 「Rau Le Creuset」

シグー系 MS 専用「ラウ・ル・クルーゼ」