Delta Astray
白 U-S239 GSF-YAM01 デルタアストレイ
Name: GSF-YAM01 Delta Astray
Types: UNIT DNP:
White 2
Color: White TNP: 5
Card No#: U-S239 COST: 2
SET: GW25 Rarity: R
Terrain: [Space][Earth]
宇宙 地球
Stats: [6][3][5]

Special Effect Text:
【PS Armor (5)】 Special Shield (3)

【PS装甲(5)】 特殊シールド(3)

Ability Effect Text:
(Damage Calculation Step):《(0)Every》 Remove 1card from Hand or 1 of Your card other than Coin. If that is the case, divide 4 damages among Enemy Unit being engaged in combat with this card.


Delta Series Astray Series MS Exclusive use 「Ergnes Brahe

デルタ系 アストレイ系 MS 専用「アグニス・ブラーエ」