GNZ-005 Garazzo (Bring's MS)
緑 U-00-50 GNZ-005 ガラッゾ(ブリング機)
Name: GNZ-005 Garazzo (Bring's MS)
Types: UNIT DNP:
Purple 2 Green 2
Color: Green TNP: 5
Card No#: U-00-50 COST: 2
SET: GW25 Rarity: Booster R
Prelude Starter R
Terrain: [Space][Earth]
宇宙 地球
Stats: [6][0][6]

Special Effect Text:
Prevent(3) Combat Deployment Assault 《(1)》Special Armament〔Imitate Solar Furnace〕

プリベント(3) 戦闘配備 強襲 《(1)》特殊兵装〔擬似太陽炉〕

Ability Effect Text:
(Anytime): 《(1)》 Designate 1 unit. During this turn, all Damages that is receive by Your Unit that is due to Enemy Effects, give to the designated Unit.
(Battle Phase): 《(1)》 Destroy 1 Enemy Unit with X or less TNP that is being engaged in Battle with this card. The value of X, is the same number as the amount of Roll State G.


Gadessa Series MS Exclusive use 「Bring Stabity

ガデッサ系 MS 専用「ブリング・スタビティ」