MAM-07 MSM-07 Grabro & Z'Gok
MAM-07 MSM-07 グラブロ&ズゴック
Name: MAM-07 MSM-07 Grabro & Z'Gok Card No#: U-346
Types: Unit DNP: 2
Color: Green TNP: 4
Stats: [4][1][4] COST: 1
SET: GW25 [R] Terrain: Earth

Battle Position Water

Card Text/Abilities:
(Auto A): All friendly units with "Water" cannot be targeted by enemy effects other than from the effects of units that are battling.
(Auto D): When this card sorties to attack, choose 1 unit with "Water" in your junkyard and put it in this card's squad.

Grabro Series, Z'gok Series, MS, MA, Combi

Original Text: