GNZ-001 GRM Gundam
GNZ-001 ガルムガンダム
Name: GNZ-001 GRM Gundam Card No#: U-00-47
Types: Unit DNP: 1
Color: Green TNP: 3
Stats: [3][1][2] COST: 2
SET: GW25 [R] Terrain: Earth/Space

Battle Position Wide Area Weapon(2) «1»Special Armament[Imitate Solar Furnace]

Card Text/Abilities:
(Auto D): When friendly dual unit leaves the field, abolish 1~3 cards from the top of your discard pile, and from there move 1 dual unit to its owner's hand.
(Anytime):«1»Choose 2 types of generation. This turn, all dual units in hand have their DNP changed to the chosen colors.

Gadessa Series, MS

Original Text: