Unicorn & Banagher Links
A-1 ユニコーンガンダム&バナージ
Name: Unicorn & Banagher Links Card No#: A-1
Types: ACE DNP: 2
Color: Blue TNP: 3
Stats: [5][1][5] COST: 0
SET: GW24 Terrain: -

Card Text/Abilities:
(Your Draw Phase) : «[2]» At the end of Cut, if your Hand is 3 cards and below, draw 1 card.
(Your Turn/Opponent Turn) : «[4]/[5]» This card, until End of Turn, gains [Space] [Earth]
«[2]» (Auto D) : If the Battle Damage given by this Card's Squad, Destroyed Opponent's Unit,
move 1 of Opponent's Unit without set Card set onto it to your Deposition Area

Original Text: