Wing Gundam Zero Hiro
白 A-12 ウィングガンダムゼロ&ヒイロ
Name: Wing Gundam Zero & Hiro
Types: ACE DNP:
White 2
Color: White TNP: 3
Card No#: A-12 COST: 0
SET: GW25 Rarity: IR
Terrain: Stats: [5][1][5]

Special Effect Text:

Ability Effect Text:
(Enemy Turn):《[2]》 Pay the Normal Cost of 1 G or Unit card from Hand or Your Hangar and put it in Reroll State to Your Deployment Area, or to a Battle Area with Unit in it.
(Your Turn/Enemy Turn):《[4]/[5]》This card gains Terrain 「Space」「Earth」 until End of Turn.
(Auto D):《[2]》If this card’s squad have given Battle Damage, give 3 damages to Enemy Nation or Enemy Unit.

(自動D):《[2]》このカードの部隊が戦闘ダメージを与えた場合、敵軍本国、または敵軍ユニットに3ダメージを与える 。